Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mint Green Circles Eco Headband

      With the bohemian chic - hippie look trend on the rise, I've created this green eco-friendly wood headband to be included in my EcoStyle collection.  Made with hand carved recycled coconut wood beads which are dyed and slightly distressed for a rustic earthy look, this stylish headband is a fun and colorful  accessory  for kids and ladies a like.  

     So where did the idea came from?  My girls of course!  One day, their favorite headbands that were given  by Lola (grandma in Filipino) broke.  As in all the decorations started falling off.  They were left with nothing but the steel headband frame. Since I know how much they value the headbands and they are willing to wear just frame, the creative mom in me tried to do something about it. 

      Coincidence or whatever you call it, I was then working on a new bracelet design.  My younger daughter out of the blue asked if she could have some pink and skyblue beads and started to try to glue it  to her headband. I know in an instant what she wanted to do.  The glue however will not stand the normal usage of a 4 and 6 yr. old.  Then suddenly, a light bulb just lit.  I have a big roll of unused wire. After hours of wire-wrapping and more than a year of prototype testing, my Eco Headbands have become one of my craft show bestsellers.